We consult on various strategies regarding outbound sales development, digital marketing and Lead generation strategies.


Market research : We do a go-to-market research, which clarifies & defines the potential of our niche market.  

The research also includes creating:
SWOT Analysis — Our competitive advantage then shines through and we know what are the key features and benefits we can focus on when selling.

ICP (Ideal Client Profile) — We understand which markets and companies are our perfect target.

Competitors Analysis — We try to determine who are our basic competitors &  understand their strategy.

Unique Value Proposition — We discover what makes us stand out in a sea of companies.

We prepare an actionable plan with a clear end goal. Our tools and methodologies aim at establishing as many appointments with decision-makers from companies which fit our ICP as possible.

The plan includes:

Goals and KPIs — clear metrics that measure the progress of our sales goals.

Contacts List — companies which fit our ICP and important decision-makers .

Sales Cadence — industry-based and company-based, personalized messages, along with best channels to reach targeted contacts.


We  use different tools and techniques to start an outbound sales campaign, which will last for a month. It includes:

Outreach — We interact with targeted decision-makers and companies through various channels (e-mail, phone, social media, etc.).

Setting Up Appointments — We arrange meetings between Clients and decision-makers who are interested in our value proposition.

IMPORTANT: When this stage is successfully completed and the appointments are arranged, we hand them over to our Clients.  

We use different tools and techniques to craft campaigns to generate quality leads & engagement for our clients. This includes interacting with targeted decision-makers through various digital channels.