We consult on various strategies regarding outbound sales development, demand generation, lead generation and sales outsourcing solutions.


Market research : We do a go-to-market research, which clarifies & defines the potential of our niche market.  The research also includes creating:

SWOT Analysis — Our competitive advantage then shines through and we know what are the key features and benefits we can focus on when selling.

ICP (Ideal Client Profile) — We understand which markets and companies are our perfect target.

Competitors Analysis — We try to determine who are our basic competitors &  understand their strategy.

Unique Value Proposition — We discover what makes us stand out in a sea of companies.


In this stage, we prepare an actionable plan with a clear end goal. Our tools and methodologies aim at establishing as many appointments with decision-makers from companies which fit our ICP as possible.

The plan includes:

Goals and KPIs — clear metrics that measure the progress of our sales goals.

Contacts List — companies which fit our ICP and important decision-makers .

Sales Cadence — industry-based and company-based, personalized messages, along with best channels to reach targeted contacts.


We  use different tools and techniques to start an outbound sales campaign, which will last for a month. It includes:

Outreach — We interact with targeted decision-makers and companies through various channels (e-mail, phone, social media, etc.).

Setting Up Appointments — We arrange meetings between Clients and decision-makers who are interested in our value proposition.

IMPORTANT: When this stage is successfully completed and the appointments are arranged, we hand them over to our Clients.