What is the usual investment size and stage you prefer to work with?

Our service offering usually concerns deals ranging from $0.5M to $10M.

What stage of the company life cycle?

Series A stage – meaning the startup should have either been funded on a Pre-Seed level or have been strongly bootstrapped to date. Ideally, we’d like to see some product-market fit, early market traction, paying clients, etc.

Are you an investor or an advisor?

Although we do have funding capacity, we focus our efforts around the advisory side.

What ticket sizes do you usually structure?

SPI can co-invest up to $50K in a project or convert its fundraising success fee into equity. To invest, SPI Greatsands needs to:

  1. Manage  the fundraising assignment for which the company is retained,
  2. There  is a lead investor on board, that preferably SPI sourced and is      comfortable working with,
  3. There is a consensus among the limited partners backing up the deal.

Why would I need you? I can raise funds on my own…

True, some founders are well connected with investors, have experience with financial matter, are very good with pitching and storytelling, and have enough resources available so that their business is not lagging during the raise (usually 3-6 months). We target startups or smes that need external help with either the materials, or with the network, or just lacking the time to do it. Our approach is hands-on and we are fully dedicated to the startups in our portfolio, therefore, can pay enough attention to all details regarding their growth. We fundraise instead of you or alongside, which saves you time and effort and increases you chances of getting funded.

How many investors do you work with?

Our direct investor network includes > 50 names and is constantly growing. It has two sources:

  1. Private:      business angels and high net-worth individuals, super angels, business      angel clubs, venture capital funds, private equity funds, family offices,      corporates and strategic investors.
  2. Public: financial and government institutions

What sectors/verticals do you look into?

SPI focuses on scalable companies with international product/service offering with no specific sector restrictions. However, verticals such as IoT, Fintech, Hospitality, Fitness, Travel, Enterprise Software are the ones where we can provide the most value. We prefer startups with the following business models: B2B, freemium, SaaS, licenses, marketplace and gamification.

What is the difference between you and other accelerators and incubators?

  1. We focus on few clients at a time. 
  2. We  don’t take equity in advance, our compensation is linked to the success of      each portfolio company.
  3. We are  results driven, meaning - No      bullshit presentations, lectures and classes? We advise you on your strategy and connect you with the right mentors,      partners and investors.

Our flagship services is full fundraising representation. However,  knowing each company’s needs, we are ready to prepare business plans, pitch decks, due diligence reports, valuation assignments etc. 

Besides fundraising, we usually add value by offering

  1. Business development 
  2. Outbound lead  generation and sales execution– we have a dedicated      sales team that is ready to boost your sales resources
  3. Digital marketing– usually there is dedicated team that spends several      hours on each project, which is included in the fee.
  4. Outsourcing services- Clients can outsource non core activities to us which includes accounting, payroll, PRO servcies etc

What are your Fees?

Yes, the majority is based on results or milestones. SPI takes control of the complete fundraising process in exchange for a retainer (advisory fee) + a single-digit percentage of the investment  (success fee). 

Do you have any geographic restrictions?

Yes we only work in UAE and India. 

Where do your investors come from usually?

Mostly from UAE

What type of investors are you close with?

SPI relies on an extensive investor network including venture capital funds, private equity funds, accelerators and incubators, angel investors, syndicates, equity crowdfunding platforms, crypto-investors, corporates/strategic and family offices.

How long does the usual fundraising process last? When will I get funded?

Depends on case by case basis, however a fundraising process usually takes between 3 and 6 months on average.

What is your success rate?

The success of each project depends on the quality of the project. Not every project is fundable, however, we only engage with teams that have the potential to be funded. In any case, we cannot guarantee investment by any means, we guarantee professional attitude, best efforts with respect to your case.Deal references are available upon request.